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If you are related with Tendering process in the construction industry, you know that winning tenders is not an easy task and it becomes more difficult if it is for large projects. For a limited time only, here are some tips & tricks you can implement immediately for long term […]

Large Construction Tenders

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Take advantage of our FREE services

I have answered the questions as if I am kind of facing a media conference or trial. Since the time, I have gone into business & began expanding my network, I have exchanged numerous messages, met people or spoken to them and this presentation is a compilation of “yes, no […]

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I deeply regret today that I kind of wasted so many years of my life working for others when so much was possible to achieve being owner myself. Its only when you set yourself free and climb the mountain, you realise that world is full of opportunities waiting to be […]

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We all have tasted success and failure but its success which gives us joy and inspiration to others when we share with others. While some people would just copy your idea or act, others might choose to add it as a step to achieve their goals. We have small success […]

We all have tasted success and failure

Think of your business as your kingdom, yourself as the king; managers as your ministers and employees as your civilians;competitors as your enemies and market as the ever running war.A great king is the one who conquers over his enemies and looks after its civilians and is able to expand […]

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