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    There has been a lot of buzz about Project Management processes and their implementations in the last couple of decades. What I have found though that such procedures work well in an environment with minimum constraints and finite durations or for projects or activities where duration can be […]

Life as a Project – the planning way

It was a pleasure to set up my business in Australia.    I have been tracking how my website is doing in terms of attracting visitors and the response has been overwhelming as is evident from the data below. If you are not using Social Media, it is next to […]

Our Website Traffic Stats

I personally feel Business Management is far more versatile than Project Management because in business you can have lots of projects running and it needs more skills.I think of Business Administration as a subset of Business Management just like Site Administration as a subset of Project Management. Also, BM skills […]

Business Management vs. Project Management

If you are into Project Management,you would know what S-Curve is but it takes reasonable experience to read it properly and use it efficiently to optimise your project’s performance.Quite often we miss potential opportunities on projects of long duration because the time scale is so shrunk that it looks trending, […]

How to spot “Contingency” on your S-Curve

These days we have softwares to generate automated reports about a project’s health but it is rare to find a Project Dashboard which incorporates SWOT within it because it needs human decisions more so in terms of Strengths & Opportunities while Weaknesses & Threats can be identified through logic based […]

Do you have a Project Dashboard looking like this?

Perth – Forget Business Cards, Websites, Emails and phone nos., we are bringing to you our very own app viz. “myplanningworld” available for free download from Google Play with a ‘Tap to Call’ facility and full website within the app itself. Not only its “ads free” but also it will […]

Myplanningworld App on Google Play

If you are related with Tendering process in the construction industry, you know that winning tenders is not an easy task and it becomes more difficult if it is for large projects. For a limited time only, here are some tips & tricks you can implement immediately for long term […]

Large Construction Tenders